About 3e7en

Hi there! I am Yao Lu, a.k.a. 3e7en.

I am a system design engineer by day, web desiveloper by night, have a broad range of interests from FPGA-base complex system prototyping to building a WordPress powered website.

I work in Hong Kong Science Park and live in Shenzhen China with my lovely girlfriend Leona. I like watching Robert Rodriguez’s movies and making creamy cappuccino at the same time.  Recently I am doing a startup project called Shop4our 骚货,literally means “bitch” in Chinese, but it also means “the best goods”. I am building this website to help many talented-but-unknown Chinese designers or artists to promote their works for free ( Hopefully, also introduce international designers to Chinese market). If it too sounds interesting to you, just feel free to drop me few lines to:


We can discuss how to work together to introduce or promote your best work. Due to the large volume of emails I receive I am not able to respond to everyone. However, I do read all of them and appreciate every word you submit.

Thank you!