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Worked in Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Job Title: Research Assistant Design of the system architecture of a FPGA-based embedded system and its bus hierarchy based on an innovative echo cancellation algorithm. Paper Reconfigurable FPGA-based switching path frequency-domain echo canceller with applications to voice control device published in Elsevier Digital Signal Processing, 22(2013) 376-390.

Worked in Altera Europe Technology Center

Job Title: Application Engineer Investigation and implementation of video coder and additional functionalists. This work focus on a low-cost solution of developing a complete digital video system on a single FPGA chip, using VerilogHDL and embedded C code to generate and control on-screen display graphics.

Graduated from Queen’s University Belfast

MSc in Electronics Thesis, awarded 1st class, “FPGA-based Realization of Physical Modeling”. Abstract: Development of floating-point FPGA solutions for realizing the creation of musical instruments in real-time.   Work part-time in Villa Italia Restaurant for almost 9 months to serve all kinds of coffee and drinks.