With a background in UX design, Photoshop and HTML5/CSS3 I can provide you with user interface design services.

Web & iOS App Development

Extensive experience in HTML/CSS/JS + WordPress to realize your dream design from pen and paper. If you also want to have an iOS app, we can talk about that too.


I've started numerous web businesses and can consult on branding strategy.

What else?

Product photography, urban hiking, and making extremely creamy cappuccino.
From the blog

Worked in Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Job Title: Research Assistant Design of the system architecture of a FPGA-based embedded system and its bus hierarchy based on an innovative echo cancellation algorithm. Paper Reconfigurable FPGA-based switching path frequency-domain echo canceller with applications to voice control device published in Elsevier Digital Signal Processing, 22(2013) 376-390.

Worked in Altera Europe Technology Center

Job Title: Application Engineer Investigation and implementation of video coder and additional functionalists. This work focus on a low-cost solution of developing a complete digital video system on a single FPGA chip, using VerilogHDL and embedded C code to generate and control on-screen display graphics.

Graduated from Queen’s University Belfast

MSc in Electronics Thesis, awarded 1st class, “FPGA-based Realization of Physical Modeling”. Abstract: Development of floating-point FPGA solutions for realizing the creation of musical instruments in real-time.   Work part-time in Villa Italia Restaurant for almost 9 months to serve all kinds of coffee and drinks.